Teenage boys

If you read my last post then you know that on Monday I went to Alton towers. You will also know that while I was there me and my best friend got ‘chatted up’

Okay it was getting dark so me and my taken best friend where heading back towards air and nemesis so we could ride in the dark when about 7 maybe 8 boys came up to us. I think there was about 3 of them that actually talked to us but anyway. One of them introduced himself and said his name was zebade. He then asked my friend for her number. We chatted to them for a while and then we went to air. They seemed alright and we was getting along okay until the randomly started to chat up some other girls that were way out of their league. 1. The boys were in year 9. And 2. The new girls they were talking to were like 16. What goes on inside boys heads?! One second they were flirting with us and the next they were dribbling over someone new? Seriously? Mehh at least we didn’t have to walk back to the entrance by ourselves 🙂 smile it won’t hurt you! 🙂


The tower of Alton

Yesterday my taken best friend , my mum, dad and me all went to Alton Towers. It was amazing! we got the tickets ages ago because there was this offer in the newspaper. When we got the tickets we didn’t realise that it was scarefest when we was going and only found that out a couple of weeks ago.

What happened? Well we got there and there were these actors dressed in creepy costumes following us around. I went on everything except oblivion because I was too scared. Th13teen and nemesis where my favourite rides because they were amazing. Air was pretty cool too but it’s kinda scary in the dark because you can’t see anything. We all went through the zombie scare zone and I was terrified and hid behind my dad. But at one point I said I wasn’t scared so a zombie ( they were everywhere trying to scare you) came right up to me and I accidentally head butted him… Although I did shout sorry before running back to my family. My best friend spent the whole walk through it chanting “you can’t touch me!” over and over agin. Ripsaw was hilarious because my friend got soaked and I was completely dry because I sat at the very end. Also while we were there we met these boys, but that is a topic for my next post so stay tuned and remember to smile…it won’t hurt you! 🙂

My dream

Sorry I haven’t blogged in what seems to me like forever. Ive had so much to write about but I just haven’t had enough time to write. I hope this will be a short blog but they never are 🙂 okay so Saturday night I had this dream. In my dream I was going out with this guy. He was quite cute, really tall and had curly brown hair. I woke up feeling happy ( good dreams always make me happy) then on monday I go to school and who do I see? The exact same guy from my dream! Just to get this straight I do not have any classes with him, I haven’t even seen him around school so I’ve never spoken to him in my life. I have no clue why I had this dream about a complete stranger but it was so weird. I don’t even know who he is. End of :/ if you have any ideas about this please comment 🙂 I hope you enjoyed 🙂

The Midnight beast!

Okay so as some of you may know I went to see the midnight beast on Sunday ( for the people that dont know who they are, please search them on YouTube!) they are one of my FAVOURITE bands ever. And just for the record…THEY WERE AMAZING! I had so much fun.

Let me start from the beginning. Me, my ‘taken’ best friend and my other friend all went to see them. We got to the O2 academy at about 4pm. The doors opened at 7pm soooo we were really early. We stood around for a while (30 mins to be exact ) then I saw this girl from my old drama class ( story for another day) so we jumped the cue a few people to stand with them. We held the space while they went to get McDonalds. They came back with 40! Chicken nuggets. We ate then waited a bit longer. To cut my story short we got in after 3 hours of standing. Because my taken best friend was on O2 we were priority so we got about 3 rows from the front. The evening then followed with me being squashed so much that I could hardly move, me being stuck with a guy, that smelt so bad, so close to me that I felt sick, my friend nearly passing out, me falling/getting pushed over and having like 5 people on top of me but even though all of that happened I still had one of the best nights of my life! I got a signed CD a wristband and I got to meet them afterwards 😀 so I am a very happy person right now.


Hey sorry i haven’t posted for a bit I’ve had too much to do. I just don’t get it. We spend 6 hours at school doing work and then when we get home we can’t just relax, we have to do another hour of work! Are teacher trying to make us have no social life or just trying to exhaust us even more? I’ve been so tired recently and as a result have been to lazy to do home work. That’s my problem, I’m sure loads of other teenagers do it too. I always tell myself that I’ll do it tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes. So in the end you’ve got a massive pile of homework, it’s the weekend, you just want to sleep…but you can’t, because you have to keep up with your ‘busy’ social life 😉 so in the end you should of just done the work when you got given it. That’s what I’m going to try and do. But to be honest I’m a teenager, living life on the edge 😉 so smile, it won’t hurt you 🙂


Purple hand disease

Shopping with the girls today so naturally the conversation turned to boys. As it turns out my single best friend has been back in touch with an old friend. I’m really happy as he was kinda a jerk to her but I think he’s trying to make it up to her 🙂 ohhh and yesterday I was with a big group of friends ( blue included) and basically I saw his stomach and let me just say…Perfff-eee-ct! Tanned and everything 😛 teehee. And I got a hug, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is too me. So anyway back to today. Me and my taken best friend where tie dyeing tops because were going to see the midnight beast on Sunday. Everything was going well to start with then we got tired and everything went down hill. Our hands ended up in the fabric dye and now my hands are purple. Oops! We were laughing so hard that the tops are probably going to be a massive disappointment but heck it was fun 🙂 friends will always be there in the good times and the bad so smile, it won’t hurt you 🙂 P.S pictures of the tops will follow 😛 thanks for reading!