My crush

If he’s going to carry on popping up in my posts then I might as well tell you about the guy I’m crushing on/ fancy, depending on where you live. So I should really give him a ‘code’ name if you like so it’s easier for me to explain.
So let’s call him blue. Yeah, blue that will do 😛 so I met blue at induction week at my new ‘college’, I guess that’s what it’s called. He’s in my registration and English class. He has amazing blue eyes and he just… Well, hot to put it one way. He has a girlfriend though. *sigh* although I’m making him out to be a great guy he’s not. He is in a way but my best friend ( single one) kinda doesn’t like him and I can totally see why as he’s forever flirting with my other best friend ( shes the one with the boyfriend) which annoys me a little bit but only cuz she flirts back most of the time.

So a couple of weeks back blues girlfriend broke up with him. In the week that he was single he fancied my best friend ( boyfriend) and I only found this out a couple of days ago. How can you split up with someone then automatically start liking a girl you just met? Then go back out with your ex. So yeah he’s not a great guy to be fair but hey I’m young, wild and free I can like whoever I want 🙂 and i just want to say a massive thank you to my best friend for believing in me and actually reading my posts 🙂 she’s one of the reasons I’m still writing this 🙂 also thank you to you if you just read this it means soo much to me and don’t worry most of my posts aren’t this long 😉 remember, smile…it won’t hurt you!


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