Purple hand disease

Shopping with the girls today so naturally the conversation turned to boys. As it turns out my single best friend has been back in touch with an old friend. I’m really happy as he was kinda a jerk to her but I think he’s trying to make it up to her 🙂 ohhh and yesterday I was with a big group of friends ( blue included) and basically I saw his stomach and let me just say…Perfff-eee-ct! Tanned and everything 😛 teehee. And I got a hug, which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is too me. So anyway back to today. Me and my taken best friend where tie dyeing tops because were going to see the midnight beast on Sunday. Everything was going well to start with then we got tired and everything went down hill. Our hands ended up in the fabric dye and now my hands are purple. Oops! We were laughing so hard that the tops are probably going to be a massive disappointment but heck it was fun 🙂 friends will always be there in the good times and the bad so smile, it won’t hurt you 🙂 P.S pictures of the tops will follow 😛 thanks for reading!


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