The Midnight beast!

Okay so as some of you may know I went to see the midnight beast on Sunday ( for the people that dont know who they are, please search them on YouTube!) they are one of my FAVOURITE bands ever. And just for the record…THEY WERE AMAZING! I had so much fun.

Let me start from the beginning. Me, my ‘taken’ best friend and my other friend all went to see them. We got to the O2 academy at about 4pm. The doors opened at 7pm soooo we were really early. We stood around for a while (30 mins to be exact ) then I saw this girl from my old drama class ( story for another day) so we jumped the cue a few people to stand with them. We held the space while they went to get McDonalds. They came back with 40! Chicken nuggets. We ate then waited a bit longer. To cut my story short we got in after 3 hours of standing. Because my taken best friend was on O2 we were priority so we got about 3 rows from the front. The evening then followed with me being squashed so much that I could hardly move, me being stuck with a guy, that smelt so bad, so close to me that I felt sick, my friend nearly passing out, me falling/getting pushed over and having like 5 people on top of me but even though all of that happened I still had one of the best nights of my life! I got a signed CD a wristband and I got to meet them afterwards 😀 so I am a very happy person right now.


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