The tower of Alton

Yesterday my taken best friend , my mum, dad and me all went to Alton Towers. It was amazing! we got the tickets ages ago because there was this offer in the newspaper. When we got the tickets we didn’t realise that it was scarefest when we was going and only found that out a couple of weeks ago.

What happened? Well we got there and there were these actors dressed in creepy costumes following us around. I went on everything except oblivion because I was too scared. Th13teen and nemesis where my favourite rides because they were amazing. Air was pretty cool too but it’s kinda scary in the dark because you can’t see anything. We all went through the zombie scare zone and I was terrified and hid behind my dad. But at one point I said I wasn’t scared so a zombie ( they were everywhere trying to scare you) came right up to me and I accidentally head butted him… Although I did shout sorry before running back to my family. My best friend spent the whole walk through it chanting “you can’t touch me!” over and over agin. Ripsaw was hilarious because my friend got soaked and I was completely dry because I sat at the very end. Also while we were there we met these boys, but that is a topic for my next post so stay tuned and remember to smile…it won’t hurt you! šŸ™‚


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