My dream 2

A couple of posts back I wrote about a dream I had. Since then I’ve seen that guy everywhere I walk to my class, he’s there. I go to meet my friends at break, he’s there. I go to lunch, I walk past him. I’m in town on my way home, he’s walking to the gym ( just so you know I didn’t stalk him to the gym or anything he was in front of me and my friends and I saw him go in) I get home, he’s… Not there but you see what I’m talking about. I don’t even know the guy but a couple of days ago I had another couple of dreams about him. It was prom night and he was my date I think. It was a really good dream but it was a bit strange :/ dream guys hot like really hot but 1. I have no clue who he is and 2. He’s popular so basically I have absolutely 0% with him :/ meh he’s just a guy from my dream I guess so keep smiling it won’t hurt you 🙂 I’ll keep you updated if anything happens and I hope you enjoyed reading. thank you it really does mean a lot if you read this 🙂


Update on life

I haven’t wrote in a while so I thought I would now. This is gonna be short but I just want to let you guys know what’s going on with my life at the moment. my single best friend has a boyfriend now so that is going to be difficult to explain things from now on. I don’t like blue anymore ( yeah yeah I change my mind fast and all that ) but I did like him for a while and it’s not like there’s a new guy or anything :/ just me and my other friend that swims ( that’s how I’m going to describe her anyway) that are single now…oh well I’ll survive and as I said this is short to keep smiling… It won’t Hurt you 🙂