ITS CHRISTMAS!!!…tomorrow 🙂 okay guys, I know I’m not a little kid anymore but when it’s Christmas I act like one 🙂 I love Christmas so much. Not because of all the presents ( although they are great!) but just because of the atmosphere at Christmas time. Everybody is just generally happy and kind. I love all of the songs that come on at Christmas particularly fairytale of new York, that’s my favourite 🙂 this Christmas I’m looking forward to spending time with my family. It’s my nieces 1st Christmas so that makes this year extra special. Ohh and I just love a good Christmas movie. Right now I’m watching nativity. Tonight I’ll probably be watching the polar express to get me even more exited for the big day tomorrow. Christmas is a special time of year. Even if your not particularly religious it’s still a nice time of year to appreciate those around you. So smile…ITS CHRISTMAS!!! 😀



Hey there guys. So I’ve got lots to write about and I’m finally writing again. Sorry for the break but I’ve just go back off of Holliday. I say I’ve just got back but really I’ve been back for a couple of weeks.

So, my first taken best friend and her family took me on holiday with them for her mums 40th birthday. It was so kind of them to do that and i am so grateful for their kindness. 🙂 we went to centre parcs for a week Monday to friday. Let me just say. It’s at the top of my best weeks of my life ( yes maybe I do have a list of my favourite weeks :P) It was so amazing. I would go back to our cabin every night feeling tired and achey. We went bowling the first night and swimming, rock climbing the second night and I don’t remember the order but we did badminton an roller skating too! As well as swimming every day of the Holliday. While I was there her youngest sister. (she’s autistic) decided to pour a whole glass of pepsi in my converse. I was not happy but I must admit it was funny. 🙂 I guess that’s it 🙂 so smile… It won’t hurt you 🙂