ITS CHRISTMAS!!!…tomorrow 🙂 okay guys, I know I’m not a little kid anymore but when it’s Christmas I act like one 🙂 I love Christmas so much. Not because of all the presents ( although they are great!) but just because of the atmosphere at Christmas time. Everybody is just generally happy and kind. I love all of the songs that come on at Christmas particularly fairytale of new York, that’s my favourite 🙂 this Christmas I’m looking forward to spending time with my family. It’s my nieces 1st Christmas so that makes this year extra special. Ohh and I just love a good Christmas movie. Right now I’m watching nativity. Tonight I’ll probably be watching the polar express to get me even more exited for the big day tomorrow. Christmas is a special time of year. Even if your not particularly religious it’s still a nice time of year to appreciate those around you. So smile…ITS CHRISTMAS!!! 😀


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