When a hot dude scares you…

Hahahahaha πŸ™‚ you know the feeling you get when one little thing changes your entire mood?… Yeah I have that πŸ˜€ picture this, me ( you don’t know what I look like but have and imagination πŸ˜› ) I just walked out of my front door wearing my school uniform and my dads big work boots, planning to go to the car when the hot guy next door steps out of the door and scares me to death! My hairs a mess I look like poop but he just talked to me…yeah! The hot guy spoke!!! And I after making a dodgy noise that I’ve never made before just kept walking to the car. If acting like a moron wasn’t bad enough I got to the car and then I couldn’t unlock it…*facepalm* so I stood there turning a key looking more unable by the second when next doors dog ran into my house. Now I’m a shy person and there was quite a big gap between us but it took me three attempts at telling him that the dog was in my house before he got the gist of what I said. OMG seriously?! But he just kept smiling πŸ™‚ well 1. He’s hot! But 2. I don’t know how he’s related to next door. ( I’ll explain later this posts massive as it is ) smile…a hot guy/ girl might jump out on you when you least expect it πŸ˜‰


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