Daylight shows the truth

Remember the hot guy?…yeah comparing the guy I saw the other night and the guy I just saw now, 1. I’m pretty sure there the same person and 2. I’m also pretty sure he’s in his 20’s 😦 still pretty hot though 😉

Let me explain. I just walked home from my taken best friends house with my niece, in a push chair( my niece not me) and just as I was struggling to get the push chair in the door way, a car pulls up and he gets out. I’m looking stupid yet again in front of him. 😦 he only looked maybe a couple of years older in the dark but now he looks more like 5 years older 😦 hmmm he’ll be gone soon I think 😦 but smile anyway…you never know what will happen 🙂

update just saw him again…apparently there are two different guys!!! Hot dudes still hot!


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