Crush #2

Hey so I used to write letters whenever my feelings got too much.I’d write dear (insert name of a person I didn’t like/ I was annoyed with), I just wanted to say…( and I’d write everything that I wanted to say to them) from (my name) but now I have this blog so I guess I can share my feelings with you guys.

I bet if you are reading this now then at one point in your life you would have experienced the feeling I have now. That feeling is the one that you get when you like someone and you are 100% positive that they will never in a million years feel the same way. yeah I like a guy. ( big shocker, I’m a teenage girl 😉 ) buy he is way way way way out of my league. He is amazing in every single possible way. He’s attractive ( extremely hot) he can sing and play guitar, he’s funny, kind, great to go to if you have any problems at all. But he will never be mine. He’d never see me like that.Ever. Yeah that upsets me because I really would love for us to be a thing/ have a thing…whatever way you want to put it, I want us to be together but we never will. There my little rant on valentines day about how lonely I am. Im still smiling though because I believe that everything happens for a reason. Don’t forget to smile…it won’t hurt you and you never know what is around the corner. 🙂 happy valentines day all.


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