I love…

Hmmm in a really good mood right now so I thought that I would make a list ( I do kinda like lists) of things that I love. But I just realised how long that list would be. Okay so maybe a top 10. These are thing that have just popped into my head, in no particular order:

10. Food, any and all.
9. YouTube, I really am addicted, I have to go on everyday without fail
8. Movies, my favourites are any Disney movie and daddy day care :’)
7. Books, I’m a total geek when it comes to reading. I always have a book/ my kindle in my hands.
6. Animals, pretty much all apart from spiders…phobia:/ but I wanna be a vet.
5. Music, I can’t go a day without music, I love Taylor swift, ed sheeran and mallory Knox…weird combination.
4. Pick-up trucks, yes it’s weird like me but I have an obsession with them, I really want one!
3. Rain and snow, I just think it adds to the beauty of the world.
2. My family and my friends, I wouldn’t be anything without them.
1. My life in general 🙂

So there a few little facts that let you see a little clearer into the muddy waters of my head. 🙂 thank you for reading this 🙂 and smile…it won’t hurt you 🙂


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