The lucky ones

Hey guys (and girls) today I was in class talking to my friend, she was really sad. Which was kinda annoying:/ that sounds harsh but dont judge me yet. I was in a really good mood and quite happy so her being sad/ angry made me sad too. But the thing’s she was sad about was little things. I know you must be thinking that something’s don’t seem important to some people but they are to others. Yeah that’s true but I said to her ” look it’s not worth it, just think there’s someone out there that’s a lot worse off than you.” and to this she replied by going crazy at me an saying ” you have no idea what it’s like! ” okay…side note, there’s things about me and my past that only a handful of people know, she has no idea how hard it is for some. So I retaliated and told her how I really do and her life actually really good. But my point is no matter how sad an down you are, there is always going to be someone that is going through a hard time but through it all keeps a smile on their face. Next time you feel sad please remember this.

Wow that was kinda depressing but I had to get it off my chest. Smile…I promise it won’t hurt you. šŸ™‚


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