I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

Hey so here’s what I was talking about before.

So a while ago I wrote a post about my friend. if you haven’t noticed that post has recently been deleted If you never saw that post then basically it was me talking about how his relationship made me feel.

I wrote that post one day after him ( my best friend) and his girlfriend had a big argument. I was so upset that he was sad. I could see how much he was physically hurting and it made me hurt to. So I took my anger out by writing that post. Just so it’s clear, I wrote it because I was angry/hurt/upset. not because I’m a bitter vindictive person that wanted to hurt anyone.

Last week I told my best friend that I wanted him to read it because quite frankly I’m so very proud of this pathetic blog of mine. (side note he knew I blogged, he’d asked me numerous times before to see it) when I told him I want him to see it I warned him he’d be very upset about it and he would hate me but he still asked to see it.

As i said. He hated me. So now were hardly talking. I love him I really really do. ( not like that sheesh! He’s like my brother) he’s an amazingly talented guy and he is always there for me no matter what.

I guess there more I could say but this is bloody long :/ so might post #2 maybe.

Smile… It won’t hurt you.

Thankyou for reading!!!
P.s do you guys think I’m a complete female dog? Or that the situation was unavoidable? Please tell me.


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