The cube.

Clear your head of all thoughts, now imagine in your head a desert. Imagine what it would look like. Now place a cube in that desert, anywhere you like and the cube can be any type of cube at all. Now to this random picture add a ladder and think how the ladder looks in relation to the cube and how they are interacting. If you thought this was weird now imagine a horse in the desert, place it once again anywhere you want. Now there is a storm, where about’s in the picture is it? And finally if you want add flowers, any type, wherever you want.

Stop imagining

Okay so this was a ‘mental exercise’ the different things are supposed to represent different things in our life.
the cube: is you or rather how you see yourself.
the ladder: is your friends.
the horse: is your crush/partner/significant other.
the storm: is conflict in your life.
And finally,
the flowers: are children, represents how you see children/ how many you would like.

I know this is kinda childish but hey ho I thought it would be fun if you guys comment with your pictures and I could try to analyse them and tell you what it means. Smile…it won’t hurt you! 🙂


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