Work experience.

Last week I was on work experience. If you don’t know what it is here’s a brief description. work experience is where a student is at a work placement for one week doing un-paid work

For my “experience” I went to a kennels. To you this might not seem that exciting but to me it was amazing.

You know when your little and adults ask you what you want to be when you grow up? Well for as long as I can remember every time I have been asked this Question I would answer, I want to be a vet. (veterinary surgeon/ nurse) I love animals I’ve told you this in a previous post. 🙂

Back to the story…

So I went to the kennels. I started at 8am and finished at 1pm. Quite a short day to be honest but it was very tiring work. I had to clean kennels and then walk the dogs. ( not by myself..there were three other people; my friend an two staff members) just realised I need to wrap this up fast as it getting late and I’ve got school tomorrow. *sigh*


Okay so, what I’m saying ( there it is again!) is I loved my time there and hope I’ll be able to go back for a summer job. While I was there I realised how easy school is 🙂 and that is the end 🙂

Smile…it won’t hurt you. 🙂


Sports day.

Friday was sports day. I hate sports day. I’ve never seen the point in it. This year sports day was not compulsory. So why, you may be wondering, did I find myself in a line of girls waiting for their turn.

The answer is beyond me. When the head of our house ( yep we have houses at my school, like Hogwarts I know 😉 ) came round to my tutor room Monday morning I said no, that I didn’t want to be involved and that was it. Or so I thought.

I went to lessons as usual and then before I knew it, it was break. My taken best friend was talking about how she had been pretty much forced to do sports day. ( long story short, she was wearing her jacket, a teacher caught her. It was either do sports day or be reported to the head of year. She picked the first one) another long story short and basically it just so happened that all of my friends had found one way or another to be involved.

You guys know I’m shy. I have a small friendship group, they were all doing sports day so I decided instead of sitting by myself all day Id join in too. I picked to do long jump as that was the event that another one of my friends were doing.

Friday came and I was kinda excited really. I’m not athletic or sporty at all but I was getting the day out of lessons. The day was going good until I realised that the long jump event was right in front of the designated seating area. Right in front of everyone that was doing sports day. I did freak out quite a bit but my event came and went and after wards I felt okay. We got the results and I came last in my event. 😦 I was kinda sad but I wasn’t expecting to win. But It’s still a bad feeling to come last. :/ some one has to come last right? On a brighter note my house came second over all so I was happy then 🙂 I did have a good day. Moral of the story? Even if you don’t particularly like doing something, always try. You never know you might surprise yourself and actually have fun! Smile…it won’t hurt you. 🙂


Well,well, well. June already? I just bet you can’t wait to hear what I’m gonna do this month can you?… Oh you can.. oh well that’s fine I’m gonna tell you anyway!! 🙂 this month I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog so I am going to put a lot ( maybe a lot) more effort in to my posts. I cant wait to see what utter randomness my brain can think up 😉

Last month I was writing my list of 100. I ended up writing 55 different things 🙂 thats over half so I guess that’s good! 🙂 that’s about it, see you soon and smile…it won’t hurt you!

P.S *whispers* hey if you want to know about my list of 100 let me know so I don’t ramble on for nothing. 🙂

I miss you.

How can you miss someone that you have never met?
How? Surly you never knew them so there’s nothing to miss. No fond memories that haunt you before you sleep. No voice to remember. Not even A significant smell you associate with that person. You may think you can’t miss someone that you have never met, but I do.

My Grandad died 19 years ago today. He died long before I was born. My brother and sister remember him. I’ve heard countless stories of their memories of him. I don’t have any. I never knew him. Never met him. But I miss him.

I miss him. I hate the fact that he went before his time. I hate the fact that I never saw him. He never saw me. He never knew my mum would have another child. But I miss him. I wish so badly that I could have met him. Just one little memory of my own to hold on to. But I don’t have that and I never will. That’s just a fact of life I live with. Many people live with. My niece will never meet that amazing man I’ve heard so many things about.

However, I know he’s somewhere looking down on us. On me. Keeping us safe. I love him, I’ve never met him or heard his voice but I love him. He’s my grandad no matter where he is and I hope he reads this and he knows how much I miss him.

Now, sorry for that but I had to do something. 19 years is a long time. Smile…it won’t hurt you. 🙂