Sports day.

Friday was sports day. I hate sports day. I’ve never seen the point in it. This year sports day was not compulsory. So why, you may be wondering, did I find myself in a line of girls waiting for their turn.

The answer is beyond me. When the head of our house ( yep we have houses at my school, like Hogwarts I know 😉 ) came round to my tutor room Monday morning I said no, that I didn’t want to be involved and that was it. Or so I thought.

I went to lessons as usual and then before I knew it, it was break. My taken best friend was talking about how she had been pretty much forced to do sports day. ( long story short, she was wearing her jacket, a teacher caught her. It was either do sports day or be reported to the head of year. She picked the first one) another long story short and basically it just so happened that all of my friends had found one way or another to be involved.

You guys know I’m shy. I have a small friendship group, they were all doing sports day so I decided instead of sitting by myself all day Id join in too. I picked to do long jump as that was the event that another one of my friends were doing.

Friday came and I was kinda excited really. I’m not athletic or sporty at all but I was getting the day out of lessons. The day was going good until I realised that the long jump event was right in front of the designated seating area. Right in front of everyone that was doing sports day. I did freak out quite a bit but my event came and went and after wards I felt okay. We got the results and I came last in my event. 😦 I was kinda sad but I wasn’t expecting to win. But It’s still a bad feeling to come last. :/ some one has to come last right? On a brighter note my house came second over all so I was happy then 🙂 I did have a good day. Moral of the story? Even if you don’t particularly like doing something, always try. You never know you might surprise yourself and actually have fun! Smile…it won’t hurt you. 🙂


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