Nothing…and everything

The summer holidays are practically over *boo!* and I thought as I haven’t posted anything In ages (Again) I would do a little post containing my late night, (ish) sleep deprived, crazy ramblings. So here goes.

What’s new?

Last week I was at my aunties with my little cousins. I had a brilliant time πŸ™‚ while I was there I managed to get through three books in four days…maybe I have issues :/ I swear normal people my age don’t read this much. Meh…I’m not normal and I think we’ve established that already πŸ™‚

New topic? He has a girlfriend. Meh what’s the point in being sad about it? If he’s happy and all that shabum-bum…

Next topic? My bestie asked me to mention him so here goes, he was sad today because of reasons :/ and I didn’t know how to make him feel better and that was really horrible for me :/ but I think he’s okay now πŸ™‚ so that’s good. On a happier note he’s amazing πŸ™‚

New topic? Okay so you know something that really annoys me, when someone passes away and the people that didn’t even know them are like “aww it’s such a shame their gone she was such a lovely person” or ” he was so kind and generous the world will be a darker place without his smile” and such things :/ yes that annoys me because how can someone who didn’t even know them say things like that? You didn’t know them! You never met them you’ve just heard people that knew them talk about how great they were. And if you couldn’t say how amazing a person is while their alive what use is it when their gone? If you think someone is awesome… TELL THEM! Please if you’re reading this an you’re thinking of someone you really look up to/ think are amazing/think work hard etc. Tell them right now, call them, text them, email them! Let them know because you might just make their day πŸ™‚ just helping to spread a little happiness πŸ˜‰

Ooooohh guess what! I might be getting a little rabbit! :’) awww I’ll keep you updated but for now that’s all the rambling I can think of πŸ™‚

Smile…it won’t hurt you πŸ™‚


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