What is love?

From the title I think you can guess what this is going to be about. 🙂

what is love?

Simple enough question right? Wrong.

Well, for me anyway. It may come as a big surprise to you but I have never been in love. I have felt the kind of love you share with a friend and also the love you feel towards your family but I have never felt a strong connection with another human being.

I have however read about love. In dozens (and I mean dozens) of books. I’ve read about first loves, in those soppy teen fiction romance books where everyone is a little too mellow dramatic (but I have to admit I love them!) I’ve read about people who lose people they love, where they only just find out their feelings before the person is torn from them (this was in a recent book I read Looking for Alaska by John green READ IT! I love his books! Also side note the fault in our stars is another of his soppy teen romances that you just have to read) I’ve read about the kind of love I have experienced (family/friends) but even reading these emotions, feeling what the character feels (and side note 2. I really get into books and get lost In them…probably why I cry a lot at them… So I honestly do feel how they do) but I think feeling another person/characters emotion is completely different from experiencing it first hand…or so I imagine remember I haven’t felt it yet 😉

Coming to the end of my little ramble I realise that I don’t have a “moral” for this post so ill think of one on the spot… I guess I just wanted to tell myself more than anything that even though I haven’t felt what it’s like to be in love yet, it doesn’t mean I never will 🙂 it just means that its not the right time but when it happens it will be good 🙂 and it will happen. 🙂

Smile…everyone has someone…even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, there are so many people around you that care so much and love you a heck of a lot too. 🙂


I’m back!

I guess this means I’m back right?

I’m sorry (If you really care) that I haven’t posted in…what? Like three months? Woah that’s quite a while.

My excuse? I don’t have one. I’ve been kinda weird these last few months and I lost the will to really do anything. things have happened and they’ve been in my mind a lot and I guess I couldn’t really think about blogging. (Or writing which I’ve actually really missed)

I get that none of this really makes sense but all you new to know is I’m back now! 🙂 that’s all that matters right? Shh I know you missed me 😉

So what’s new?

Many things!

I will state them in a list as you know how much I love those!

1. I did get a rabbit!! His name is Moon and he is 21 nearly 22 weeks old. :3 pictures and all of that lovely stuff will follow. 🙂

2. I did my first REAL GCSE last week/Monday. It was…meh but it was in English and as I am a nerd I actually quite like English so I hope it was okay. *fingerscrossed*

3. It’s ma birthday next week! Wahoo! Pretty excited to find out what is in the two mysterious packages in my living room!

4. It is very very very close to Christmas! You excited yet?! I know I am!

5. As I said before I really am sorry for not posting in an eternity but many new/hopefully half interesting things are to come. *fingerscrossed* AGAIN..

Well I think that’s all for now but as always,
Smile…it won’t hurt you 🙂