The summer project

Updates? well hopefully as you read this my blog should have had a make-over and look a little different (in a good way *fingerscrossed*) I am also typing this from the comfort of my new desk at my new computer 😀 May I just say I think I am in love with my PC, it is brilliant!! 🙂 I have officially finished high school, I got signed off last Thursday so it is finally over, two more years then I can finally begin my life 🙂

So back to the real meaning of this post. As you may have noticed every year I have been writing a list of 100 things I would like to do over the summer. this was an annual activity that me and my old taken best friend used to do together. After things (yes I am being vague, I apologise) happened I no longer feel that I should make a list (mainly I couldn’t be bothered 😉 and forgot to write it) and so I have set myself a summer project.

The project itself is to complete a story. I write random passages fairly frequently and have a few ideas for stories but I have never finished one, but I will! and I thought when best to do this then when I have around 7 weeks of nothing to do. 🙂 I might even post some of it here 🙂 Maybe! if you’re lucky 😛 and if that’s what you guys want 🙂

Smile…it wont hurt you! :))


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