Summer procrastination

Hey there, this summer I was supposed to be writing a short story. However I found that when I forced myself to write all the fun disappeared and I no longer enjoyed it. This upset me as I normally really love writing but it just became a chore. The short explanation is that I haven’t wrote anything.:/

Other things I did in the holiday was work, work ummm work and work? 😉 that’s seriously pretty much it :/ i’ve read a lot, the first I think four Harry Potter books as ive wanted to read them for a while. I also read The history boys (which was a set text for college. I’ve also got to read The lovely bones and Top girls) For doing well in my exams my mum brought be two books yesterday which were ‘Wreck this journal’ and ‘The Rosie project’.

I finished the Rosie project this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I think it might be one of my favourite books. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Wreck this journal is basically what it says. You have to do all these really cool things to ‘Wreck’ the book. (yes, being a book lover, this does go against my morals but its good to be a bit naughty sometimes 🙂 )

Recently I have found a new love for Twin Atlantic (just today really! Ha!) after listening to their album on Spotify.

Right I think that is you all up to date. College starts next Friday and I am terrified to be honest :/ I’m sure it will be okay…right?

Smile…it wont hurt you! 😀


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