Im on a Dechox

Hello blogging world, long time no see i know. But today I write this post in the hope that one of you lovely people might be able to help me and a deserving charity out.

Starting from tomorrow (1st March 2015) I am challenging myself to give up chocolate for an entire month. I absolutely LOVE chocolate so this is going to be difficult but by doing this I am hoping to raise money for the British heart foundation.

where do you come into this I bet you’re wondering. Well if you could spare the money I would appreciate it greatly if you could follow the link below to my just giving page and donate even a small amount to this great cause.even as little as Ā£3 can fund life saving research to help save someone’s life.

Even if you cant donate it would be great if you could revlog this post or share it with people you know that can donate. Thank you so much for even reading this šŸ™‚

My Just giving page

Thank you so so much for even reading this. šŸ™‚

Smile…it wont hurt you! šŸ™‚


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