Kindly remove yourself from my mind

There’s a guy.

Not just any guy, the guy. The same one that’s always there, refusing to move or relocate. Forever persisting, never relinquishing.

I should explain. So for a while now I’ve liked this guy. (soppy teenage girl bull and all that -.-) I guess you could call it more of an obsession, which is disturbingly un-natural.

He decides to pop into my head at random intervals everyday. There is no break or time to breath. Flashbacks are frequent in my mind of times and memories I have with him. Constant ‘what ifs?’ and endless daydreams flood my imagination. Containing him confessing his love and our fairytale future, the whole package trust me.

It makes me sick. I never thought I’d be this kind of girl and to the world I’m not. it’s all just stuck inside my head 24/7 which probably makes it worse. So here it is. My confession if you will.

I think I may love him.

Which is gosh awful, and from this onwards I have decided to vow to remove him from my mind. I’m sick and tired of always making the effort. I care too much and I’m the one that’s paying for it. I was happy before and I can sure to hell be happy after.

Distance and time both are said to be good healers. Lets hope so. A clean severed cavity cut out of my chest. He needs to be gone.

I need to let go of childhood dreams of happily ever afters and prince charming riding up to rescue me. The truth is no one is coming. I am my own prince and I need to start acting like it.

Smile…it wont hurt you 🙂

P.S This was written a few weeks ago. 🙂