Woah…that was unexpected

So I finally updated this!!! Told you I’d get there eventually! 😉

A day in the life of a teen

Hey there strangers! 🙂 I’m back. So the other week/ a couple of weeks ago I was checking my emails when one popped up. It was one of my favourite blogs My adventure of life in the email was his latest post. I began to read it and I was enjoying it. It was about how a fellow blogger had ‘presented’ him with a blogging award. The blogging award is called the libster award. It’s an award that bloggers pass on to kinda ‘raise awareness’ to less known/popular blogs. So I was reading and then I saw the name of this blog…my blog?!? Wait what?! Someone reads my blog? Wait no.. Someone thinks it’s worth an award?!? NOWAY!!! 😀 i cannot explain how shocked, surprised, grateful and happy I was. So thank you so so so very much.

Now here comes the embarrassing part. Now normally when you receive a…

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