They lied

I am writing this with the fear of sounding negative. Of sounding mad or sad or just plain depressed. But I am writing this, that much is true. And my purpose today is to inform you that they lied.

“You can be anything you want” they said.

“If you wish enough and work hard enough, anything is possible.”

Now I am here to crush your dreams and metaphorically urinate on your proverbial bonfire. The simple truth of the matter is you can’t. There is a point in our lives that we must ‘grow up’ and accept that our wildest dreams are not likely to happen. Some dreams are simply too damn big or life has another course for us. Whatever the reason is, there are things that we cannot achieve. No matter how desperately you want it, no matter how much time, sweat, tears and passion you put in.

They lied.


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