Awkward social interactions

In light of a previous depressing post (which I am so sorry that I tainted this blog with that  negativity, I just needed to vent) I aim to enlighten you, well at least make you giggle at the expense of yours truly. Its that time again for a little account of a moment when I stayed out in public a little too long.

Yes. I think by now we can all agree that my social skills are, lets say, lacking. My inadequacy to function as a regular human has extended.

Last week I missed a couple of days off college, on one of these days I escaped a dreaded chemistry test…at least that’s what I thought. So today I walk into class feeling kinda smug with myself, the teacher I have is very easy going and so I thought he would just forget and let me get away with missing it. But no. Of course not. I’m not that lucky.

I sit down in my seat, unpack all of my stuff and get ready to start the lesson when he calls out two names. My name. And the name of this guy that I’ve had a liking for for like one and a half years now. (He’s honestly so attractive I don’t even understand).

“A brief history of the attractive starer”

Our ‘relationship’ started last year when we were in the same physics class. He sat opposite me and as cringy as it sounds whenever I looked up, we nearly always locked eyes or at least I’d see him quickly shift his gaze. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time I was looking at him, he’s gorgeous. I always thought that he was looking at this other girl that sat on my table as I knew that they were friends and whisperings that I’d heard made me believe that he liked her. But this year (after finally being rid of the horrendous physics) we were placed in the same class, chemistry. And funnily enough, it still happens. He sits at the front of the class. He has to physically turn around to see me. He also has a girlfriend.

Back to the main story 🙂

These cringe worthy- Earth swallow me up- kill me now- I want to vanish, events occurred:

  • Our teacher took us to this empty classroom.
  • The teacher entered the room.
  • The attractive starer held the door,
  • I said thank you,
  • I went to swoop into the room,
  • I got to the middle of the door way,
  • I saw another person,
  • The reality sunk in,
  • I said “Ahh shit”
  • I swiftly moved to the side and then slid in when the other person had gone.

I went to walk through a door that was held open for someone else. I embarrassed myself in front of one of the most attractive guys I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Ahhh he laughed when I cursed though, gotta take the positives I guess. 🙂

Smile…It won’t hurt you. 😀