Hey…so I have absolutely no idea what this will be I just wanted to write.

Ehh, okay so these things called ‘A-levels’ do a strange things to you. (Specifically me in this example) Everything I loved, Writing, reading, I lost interest in.

I lost the will to read. Reading! My one main love and passion. I didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a book, it seemed like too much effort. Like too much of my time would be wasted.

Writing. Why? What is there to write, what is the point?

Crazy right? The amount of pressure students are under is ridiculous. Work, work work and guess what, more work. Personal statements, uni applications, work experience, keeping up with A2 work. There is no end. Now I am so thankful for the Christmas break I’m on right now. But it isn’t a break…not really because there’s revision for mocks when I get back, presents to buy and wrap, keeping up social relations, family relationships and relaxation to fit in.

Good news, no matter how sad this post sounds, I found the will to read and I’ve remembered just how amazing it is. And writing right now, the words flowing from my brain, its like therapy for the soul. I think I’ve found my will to write again. 🙂

Smile…It wont hurt you! 🙂


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