The Question

The title of this posts makes it seem like I’m going to be discussing philosophical questions…this however is not the case.

I am currently pondering the question:

“Should I or should I not text him?”

Now usually if someone asked me this I’d immediately respond with well of course, if you want to speak to someone then just speak to them. You shouldn’t have to wait for someone to message you first if you really want to talk. But I don’t really think my situation is typical/normal (yes I know that’s what everyone says but if you only knew) and besides the way our last conversation ended wasn’t too great.

So yes, I’m sulking, drowning my sorrows in Disney movies and fluffy cosy socks. I shall not succumb to my desires. I know it just ends up with me worse off in the end.

I’d like to say I’ll do things differently next year but I can almost guarantee I’ll be sat her in a year still hopelessly in love with a guy that couldn’t care less. (Excuse the melodrama 😉 )

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂


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