Click.Breathe.Write.-Procrastination edition

Thin streams of sunlight filtered down through the canopy. It was mid may and as you’d expect, it was hot. Not warm, hot. The sickly heat clung to you like an unrelenting toddler. Refusing to give you a minutes peace.

Here though, Joy could relax. The shade from the ancient oak gave her sanctuary. A brief escape, before she had to return to her classes. Opening her eyes she had to blink rapidly to remove the dancing spots from her vision. The lush green campus stretched out around her with the language department on her right, the cafeteria directly behind her and her halls of residence to her left.

Dean she thought lazily. They had been together all but three weeks and it was evident that the honeymoon period was still in full swing. Where is he? She mused, He should be here by now. Every Tuesday third period between English and lunch, they would meet to go over their assignments and grab a quick hazelnut latte at their favourite café “Give me Coffee!” It wasn’t a large-scale corporate business but it was special to them.




A letter to myself-2016

Dear You,

So 2016 is here and its the year you’ve been dreaming of your entire life, because this year you (hopefully) go to university. Ever since you can remember all you’ve ever wanted to do in life is be a veterinarian.  Now we both know ideals have changed along the way and finally you understand what everybody meant when they warned:

“Vet?! You’ll have to work really hard to do that!”

This may be the most stressful time of your life so far but remember what a wise woman wrote to you:

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the victory”

Keep this in mind as you go through the days. I’m so proud of you because you’ve made it this far. Gosh knows there were times you doubted that you could go on but you have through it all. No matter what you tell yourself sometimes, you are a strong person. You’ve just got to hang on in there a little longer.

This year you have goals to stick to so:


  1. Write up notes DAILY.
  2. Stay behind at least 2 nights a week.
  3. Revise thoroughly.
  4. Revise for your chemistry retake.


  1. Try not to get too stressed. Yes its inevitable but breathe and remind yourself that this too shall pass.
  2. Vivet! Live for the moment. Once a moment is gone…its gone!
  3. Learn to love your whole self. In life the only person that will definitely be there until the end is you! When everyone else is gone it’s you there with your head. Try to get along 😉
  4. Smile and laugh everyday. Whether its a cheesy joke, friends or a cute picture, try to smile everyday because it definitely will not hurt you.
  5. Help your mother more silly. She does so much for you and you don’t want to look back and regret. In the end you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.


  1. For goodness sake MOVE ON from him. He has a girlfriend and is almost certainly never going to be yours.
  2. In fact just forget about love. You are so young and have the rest of your life to find someone and settle down. You don’t have to rush or worry about things that are out of your control. Focus on the things you can do something about.
  3. Finally focus on the amazing people who are already in your life! There are so many crazy awesome people that care for you so care for them more proactive-ly too!

Now don’t freak at this list of “resolutions” You have 12 months to master them. If they aren’t completed in that time then at least you’ve got the next 12 moths after that…and the ones after that until you die. This isn’t changing you its growing as a person. Growth never ends and there’s always room for improvement so never quit trying to be your best.

Smile…It wont hurt you. 🙂

Creative procrastination

This appears to be my first post of this year so for starters

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ( slightly late I’m aware 😉 )

I once again have no inspiration for what this will contain so hold on for the roller coaster ride!

I am currently sat at college, procrastinating when there is so much work that I could be doing.

Have you ever had those dreams where you’re running. Running like crazy, trying to get away from whatever ghoul is chasing after you but no matter how hard you try you never get anywhere. Or you do move but its at a ridiculously slow pace and you know for certain that you’re not going to escape it. Well that how I feel right now in life. I know there’s all of these things I could and should be doing but rather than just doing them I put them off. I revise for hours but at the end I cant remember any of it. I try to be productive/proactive and find a new job but I just get turned down time and time again. Trust me now I know how Mary and Joseph must have felt.

Despite all of that, I know this is only temporary. This feeling like many others I’ve experienced will pass and life will get back to ‘Normal’ again.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂