Lets Catch up

Lent, Illness and freedom. My recent life in a nutshell. 🙂

Ahh first things first. So for the first time I decided that this year I would take part in Lent. I am not in any way shape or form religious but thought the challenge and premise behind it was intriguing. What the heck right? I have decided to double-ly challenge myself by giving up not only my favourite snack (food and object in general) chocolate but fizzy drinks too. A challenge I’m finding extremely challenging indeed. (Please excuse my horrendous writing, I’m sick. But I’ll get onto that.) The desire and craving for chocolate is one that I’m familiar with from my ‘Dechox’ for charity last year. The cravings I’ve been feeling for Pepsi are intense when they strike. Most of the time I forget, its only when I go out and the usual order of a Coke is taken away from me that I feel the real disadvantage. Oasis has been my saviour in these times. I didn’t realise how much pop I drank until I could no longer drink it. It is an awful habit though, I mean you see those adverts where they show the heaps of sugar hidden in a small glass of the delicious nectar. Better for my health I guess, the same goes for the lack of chocolate.

Talking about health. I am sick. So ill. I feel awful and have done for a week now. Last week was half term so I was looking forward to a nice stress free break from college. But no, my poor excuse for an immune system let its guard down for a brief moment and allowed this plague to invade me. Now I exaggerate. In fact I only really have a cold. But I do feel so so ill. The simple act of swallowing became an Olympic event. Tornadoes swirled in my head, causing both pain and dizziness. Worst of all, my appetite disappeared making food seem utterly disinteresting. Food. One of my loves ripped away from me. I have been able to binge watch about three seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ though so I guess its not all bad being sick.

Moving swiftly on as I have just glanced at the displayed time to realise it is getting very late and I am expected to be up and at that delightful (sarcasm) institute of education in the morning. So while in this zombie-ill state last Friday by some miracle  I managed to pass my practical driving test and am now a legal driver! 🙂 Happy times or what. I shall be hitting the roads as soon as I find a job that pays well/ win the lottery/ suddenly come into a large fortune, due to insurance for my tiny blue car is that you would expect for a NASA rocket.

Time for sleep for me. 🙂

Smile…It wont hurt you.:)


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