The 100th Post

Hello there crazy people. As you might have guessed by the title this is my 100th post!! How exciting right?! I did/do have have a wild story to tell you but its quite wild/out there for me and do not wish for that incident to be how I commemorate my 100th post. So I’d thought I’d put together this nice little A-Z of me for you lovely people. 🙂 Without further ado:

A-Age- 18.
B- Biggest fear- Not fulfilling my potential.
C- Current time- 9.15pm.
D- Drink you last had- Orange juice.
E- Everyday starts with- Wanting to go back to sleep.
F- Favourite song- Too many, Ahh really digging Migraine by Twenty-one Pilots right now or anything from a Disney soundtrack.
G- Ghosts, Real or not real?- Real.
H- Hometown- Mablethorpe/Sutton-on-sea.
I- In love with- That one guy.
J- Jealous of- That one guys girlfriend…but people that have gone to Disney world.
K- Killed someone?- Nope…
L- Last time you cried- Monday maybe?
M- Middle name- Rose.
N- Number of siblings- 2.
O- One wish- Other than Orlando, to be truly happy.
P- Person you last called- My sister.
Q- Question you always get asked- umm, probably “Are you going to do —?” By my parents.
R- Reason to smile- Being alive, family and friends.
S- Song last sang- Work by Rhianna…ironically last night.
T- Time you woke up- 7.30am maybe?
U- Underwear colour- Well that’s personal!
V- Vacation destination- Disney world Florida and universal studios.
W- Worst habit- Procrastination and worrying/stressing.
X- X-Rays- Arm/wrist.
Y- Your favourite food-Italian.
Z- Zodiac sign- Scorpio.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂



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