The Rum Incident

Okay guys, Story time.

Picture this. Casual Friday night with me and the not best friend best friend(NBFBF). Pizza has been ordered. PS2 all set up so we can boss through Lego Star wars. The NBFBF has had what one can only describe as a gosh awful-end it now-week, so me being the NBFBF I am aimed to cheer her up. The choice of mood aid was of course, Rum. Yes, silly, stupid me fell into social conventions, finally listened to what the media calls the solution. Alcohol is not my friend. In past posts I’ve ranted about how stupid I thought alcohol was and how pointless it is but there I was drowning out our sorrows in Captain Morgan’s Spiced rum. In my houses pantry was two bottles of said spirit. One full and one containing about a third of a bottle (left over from Christmas). I poured out measurements into two glasses to make a rum and coke for both of us. (I am aware I’m not allowed fizzy drinks…we flattened it…) Then NBFBF suggested we do shots. A suggestion I cringe at writing this, half of me is also giggling at the stupidness of it all. So we did maybe two shots each.

The part bottle was finished.

The NBFBF (us both being a little tipsy by this point) then felt bad at drinking all of the rum in my house and so suggested (another good suggestion) that we go to the local Co-op by my house and purchase another bottle of rum. Yes. I thought this sounded like a perfectly reasonable suggestion (in hindsight I have no clue what I was thinking, we could of drunk the rum that was already In the house but no) and so that’s just what we did, after more shots of course.

To cut the story short I ended up literally hugging the toilet for the remainder of the night. I have never puked so much in my life. It definitely was not a fun experience. Not one part of the night. I drunk text people, as it seemed like a great plan when intoxicated. At one point both me and the NBFBF were taking turns puking into my downstairs toilet. Thank gosh for the pull out bed in my conservatory because without it I don’t know how I would of made it to bed that night. I honestly don’t understand how people drink regularly. I know they don’t drink neat strong spirits but still. All of my extremities lost sensation and the numbness was not pleasant in the slightest. I couldn’t even feel my lips. How the heck do people get with others when their drunk? That would not be pleasant.

I would like to thank my not best friend best friend so much for taking care of me that night. Although she is already one of my closest friends, I feel like this experience has strengthened our bond even more. Although it was stupid looking back makes for a funny story. A memory that I will hold in my head (as it has scarred me for life) for as long as I will live.

To alcohol, I will not be ingesting you in future. We had a good run but its over. Goodbye.

After having this experience, it has only strengthened my former opinion. I hope this persuades at least on person from attempting to bury their problems in the hazy, dizzy, hilarious but scary world of intoxication.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂




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