My Future.

My future is uncertain.

Which is a funny thing to type as it seems obvious. Of course everyone’s futures are uncertain…aren’t they?

Well I used to believe that my life was leading me down a very specific path with an idea of exactly where i’d be in three years time. Now…I’m not so sure. Let me explain.

Thursday 18th august-Results day.

The day I had been alternately hoping for and dreading through this entire summer since my exams ended. The day that I would find out my fate. (Sounds dramatic I know, but it’s true.)

Way back in October last year I had applied for university to study either veterinary medicine or nursing. My application for medicine was declined by two unis. One university declined me for nursing too. I was beginning to lose hope when I was offered an interview to study Veterinary nursing. I went, it went great and finally I had my first and only offer. It was a conditional offer where by I had to complete two weeks work experience and gain A-Levels with a B in biology and two C’s.

Now when the day came I was apprehensive at best. Nerves and anxiety filled me. Waiting for my friend to pick me up so that we could collect out results together, I made a terrible decision. I checked UCAS for my fate. I hadn’t gotten in to my course. Which means that I hadn’t gotten the grades. A million things rushed through my head. I was gutted. Ashamed. Scared.Worried. And more but you get the point. I cried. A lot that day. I collected my results and it turns out that I got a B in English and a C in biology. Unfortunately I failed to get a grade in chemistry and got a U. So that explained the lack of uni place.

After many, many tears I eventually found a course that I wanted to study.

So I am now writing this to tell you come September I will not only be moving out and going to university but I will be studying Creative writing and Journalism at my original uni.

Now I began this post by stating that my future is uncertain. Which is certainly true. I always imagined my future doing a career based around animals. But now I truly believe everything happens for a reason and this is what was meant to be.

I am equal parts excited and terrified but it shall be an awfully big adventure. What should be, shall be.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂