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Logan 1

If you enjoy dull, tiresome love-stories then I am sorry but this is not the film
for you. If, however, you’re an individual who is looking for a two and a half hour, adren
aline induced action movie, that still manages to pack in the same amount of emotion, then stop what you’re doing, grab your coat and head to the cinema to see ‘Logan’.

20th Century Fox are back at it again with their tenth instalment in the beloved ‘X-Men’ series. ‘Logan’ is said to be the third and final chapter in the ‘Wolverine’ saga and boy does it leave us wanting more.

A Brief Synopsis

Our journey begins by throwing us directly into the centre of the action as we re-join our ‘hero’ and title character Logan, being harassed by average thugs. Good ol’ Wolvie handles the situation in his usual anger-fuelled massacre style, leaving the audience pumped and prepared for a movie that follows suit with much the same pace.

The Good and The Bad

Now, I’ll say it right off the bat, full disclosure, I liked this film. I am a fan of the franchise and have been waiting eagerly since the first trailer was revealed in October last year.

However, the theatrical release trailer, for all intents and purposes may as well have been a short mini-film. After seeing the whole movie, I can confidently say it does not leave much to the imagination. They put all of the juicy, action sequences into that two-minute clip and I was disappointed when scenes that I thought (from the trailer) would be pivotal moments, were nothing more than fillers between the action.

Now action is one of the things this movie does very well; unsurprisingly considering its genre. The director (James Mangold) has managed to strike a satisfying balance between gritty-sometimes hard to watch scenes and heartfelt interactions between the characters. Jackman and Stewart’s characters have a beautiful yet reluctant (On Hugh’s side) relationship that is indescribably rewarding to witness. The dynamic of two, well past their prime, heroes struggling through everyday life is both touching and one of the most tragic things I’ve seen this year. This film really poses the question, what happens to superheroes when they get too old to save anyone? – even themselves.

So, what’s the plot?

The movie takes place in this universe’s year 2029, with Logan and Caliban hiding out on the border of Mexico with a senile, Professor Xavier.  For those who are not familiar with the Mutants, each character has his/her own individual ‘Gifts’. Wolverine, has blades grafted to his skeleton, that can emerge from between his knuckles. Caliban, an albino, has a gift for tracking and detecting other mutants. Professor X, once a brilliant mind and headmaster of his own school for mutant children, being a telepath; has the ability to read and manipulate people’s minds. The sub-plot of the film is that Xavier has developed Alzheimer’s disease and is struggling with spontaneous seizures. This is extremely hazardous for not only those around him but for the entire world. His gift is the most powerful and during these episodes they result in the paralysis of those around him.

The main story begins with the introduction of Laura. Actress Dafne Keen, gives an outstanding performance. Her lack of dialogue (Due to the language barrier) only adds to her portrayal of her character, rather than limiting it. Through the comedic timing of her actions and fLogan 2acial expressions, she really makes you feel for her and by the end of the film you’re rooting for her survival.  In a time where new mutants are rare, Laura is a shock to our protagonist. It is Logan’s task to deliver her to the safety of ‘Eden’, a sanctuary for all mutants alike.

What Geniuses Created This?

The script was a collaborative effort between James Mangold, Scott Frank and Michael Green. The three writers have created and executed characters that although at first seem dislikeable, over time your heart softens as you develop a deeper understanding and connection with these people. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or have only recently discovered the story, pivotal moments have the ability to leave your chest aching and your eyes damp.

A Warning for The Kids

The age rating for this film is appropriately 15. “Strong bloody violence, strong language” is more than correct with Jackman swearing in what seems to be every other line. This film is definitely not suitable for anyone under 15, If I wasn’t such a fan of gore, I, at 19 years of age, would be disturbed. Viewer discretion is highly advised. But, if you’re not easily offended by swearing and you’re not scarred by Tarantino-esque, levels of fake blood then you’re safe to watch this film.

Should I see this film?

Considering all of this, I still feel like this film is missing something as yet unidentified. Maybe it was the ending that left us wanting more, or possibly the omission of an after credits scene that cemented the finality of Wolverines story. Whatever it may be, I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.

If you still can’t decide you can watch the trailer here:


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