There seems to be a heaviness in my chest that comes to form whenever my mind wonders back to you. Why do we punish ourselves in this way? The past is indeed in the past so why can we never let it rest there? Why must we dredge up the memories from the depths of our minds. Re-run the classic films stored for lonely nights and nostalgic days.

Each scene a dramatic blow to my heart.

Each line a sharp jab to the stomach.

This is no longer an extravagant dance for two. No more toing and froing of moves between us. In the past you would make your move and I would counter it. Now I watch from behind a screen, on the peripheral of your life. No longer am I the centre of your attraction. I wait in the shadows and watch you interact with someone new. I am but a mere memory. The faintest hint of what might have been. An insignificant facet of your life, your past. A notch, not on the belt or bedpost but rather somewhere indescribable. I’d like to think I meant that much. The simple truth of the matter is that I was not that to you. You left a mark on me that I cannot erase; but I to you? Nothing.


Day 18-24

Well hello there. 🙂 I’ve been at work this week aka *insert lame excuse here* so here is the next seven posts that I should have wrote. By the way I am totally not supposed to be doing chemistry homework right now. And I definitely did my homework earlier and didn’t leave it until the last minute.

Day 18:

Your Beliefs

I feel like I’ve already talked about this but here’s a list of things I believe.

  • There is someone out there for everyone.
  • Everyone deserves happiness, no matter what they have done.
  • No second chances. If you waste your first chance, you shouldn’t get another try. (I’m guessing a lot of people will disagree with me 🙂 )
  • When we die we are still able to look over our loved ones.
  • People of the opposite sexes can have simple platonic friendships without things getting awkward.

Day 19:

Disrespecting your parents

There is nothing bad I could say about my parents. They are the most amazing people I know and they always do what is best for me and always have my best interests at heart.

Day 20:

How important you think education is

I think that education is extremely important. As my best friend likes too say “Knowledge is power” Without education we would not be able to function as a society. Learning new information expands out horizons, making it easier for us to progress through life. I do think that education these days has changed from learning for pleasure to learning purely as a means to an end. However, as a student, I think that we can still find enjoyment from schooling. I love the days when I learn something new then return home and tell my parents to find that they didn’t know, resulting in an interesting conversation which increases both of our intelligence.

Day 21:

One of your favourite shows

Haha! I would have to say ‘The walking dead’ Seriously!

Post apocalyptic world + Zombies = The. Best. Show. Ever!

Series 5 has just started and O.M.G!!! Sooooo good!!

Day 22:

How have you changed in the past 2 years?

In these past 2 years I would say I have grown up immensely. Id like to think my heads a lot straighter and I don’t have as many dodgy days. I’m a much more positive person. I only have people who will help me in my life and I know who my true friends are and will stick by them unconditionally. I’ve found my voice more and am more likely to voice my opinion. I’ve realised its okay to march to the beat of my own drum and its okay to be me. Because quite frankly I cant change. I am going be me until I die so I might as well make peace with my demons and like who I am.

Day 23:

Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive

Milo Ventimiglia

Jack Black

Brendon Urie

Ed Sheeran

Nat Wolff

Day 24:

Your favourite movie and what its about.

I have a few but one of them is ‘Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist’

It is one of the best movies I have ever watched. Its too difficult to explain so here is wiki’s interpretation. “A straight bass player in an “all gay band” called The Jerk-Offs. Nick O’Leary is still heartbroken after his girlfriend, Tris, broke up with Nick three weeks, two days, and 23 hours ago. Nick continues to make for her “breakup” mix CD’s. Thom and Dev, his gay band mates, who both hate Tris, convince Nick to perform at a club because his favorite band—the legendary, publicity-shy indie band Where’s Fluffy?—is performing somewhere in New York City that night. Norah Silverberg attends the same high school as Tris and though Norah and Tris dislike each other, they have a mutual friend named Caroline. Norah has not met Nick, but shares his taste in music based on recovering his mix CDs after Tris discards them in the trash. That night, the three girls end up where The Jerk-Offs are playing. Norah asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend to show up Tris. Norah kisses him, unaware that he is Tris’ ex-boyfriend. Caroline gets drunk and Norah wants to take her home, but Nick’s band mates—who see Norah as a potential new girlfriend for him—offer to take Caroline home so Norah and Nick can spend time together trying to find the show.

Tadaaah! I really would recomend this movie to anyone and everyone!

Smile…it wont hurt you 🙂