Picking Back Up The Proverbial Pen.

Would I rather be crying right now? YES.

Have I done that too much lately? Also YES.

Hello old friend, how’s life treating you?

Damn has a lot of stuff happened since we last spoke. My life is pretty much a shook up snow globe where not only is it snowing, but the snow is actually fire and the picturesque scene is just me, covered in sewage rocking in a ball on the floor.

I kid, its not THAT bad. I don’t think.

Excuse me if I’m a little rusty on these keys. I haven’t written anything in…since…okay its been a while. It feels good to be doing this though. Explanations are kind of tricky so I guess I’ll explain like I’m ripping off a plaster.

  1. I got depressed.
  2. I dropped out of uni.
  3. I have no idea what I’m doing. At all.
  4. I’ve got this!

Okay so I didn’t catch it or anything. What I should really say is I confronted my depression and got help. But the second two stand true. I dropped out of uni to work full time. Yes, it’s really as horrific as it sounds. The job was in the industry that I’d dreamt of being in since a child so I would have been stupid to pass it up. But working full time, away from home was too much. And so now!

I am officially back at university! Studying Creative Writing and Journalism. (The same thing I was studying before I dropped out. Thank you for letting me come back people, you rock!)

Hopefully I’ll get back to updating you guys, until next time,

Smile…It wont hurt you! 🙂


**I started writing this post back in May…but it’s finally finished now!”


A “Critical” Analysis

I have happened across what I can only describe as a “critical” analysis of my ‘trade mark’ quote-

Smile…It wont hurt you

I say “critical” but really I’m quite fond of it. The comment reads as follows:

Smile, cry, scowl, it does not matter. Feel what you must feel in the darkest of nights and the brightest of days because darkness helps us appreciate the light.


I would give comprehensive credit to the author of the comment but I’m unsure whether he would like that. This blog has always been anonymous and I would like it to remain that way.  If he reads this, He’ll know his own words. Thank you.

They mean a lot to me, not only for their origins but for their meanings too. I have no arguments against them and I believe rather than opposing my quote, they give it new depth. The comment highlights the importants of not repressing any emotion you may have. No matter the intensity, you should embrace any and all feelings you may have at all times. Never be afraid to feel. Emotions are one of the fundamental characteristics of being human. If you squash and ignore them, you are only ignoring your humanity. For a person that for a long time has tried to do the above, I know I will definitely be taking the advice on board. I plead you all (If you don’t already) do the same. For the sake of health and happiness.

But remember to still,

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂


The rabbit hole

It would seem that I have found the perfect euphemism. the rabbit hole.

All you start off wanting to do is look at the problems and worries you have. Just a peak at the rabbit hole. But the longer you look, the more the darkness looks back at you.

Before you know it you’re falling fast into the rabbit hole. When you finally reach the bottom all around you is darkness. Sure you can see the beautiful blinding light shining at the to of the hole but the darkness overwhelms you and the light is quite frankly ‘out shined’

There’s no escaping the rabbit hole…or so you think.

Believe me when I say I have escaped the rabbit hole many times. The secret is to find your golden ladder. The people that love and care about you, the ones who would do anything just to see you smile. They are your ladder and key to escape. Trust me when I say there is always someone, even if the darkness feels unbeatable, the light will always find a way back.

Smile…it won’t hurt you 🙂