A Reflection

Here I sit, nestled into a comfy arm chair-esk contraption, (Love seat I believe they’re called) laptop balanced on an unreliable metal tray table, various junk food piled at the side of me and a full bladder that I’m desperately trying to ignore.

As always with my writing on this blog, motivation comes when I have other priories I’m choosing to ignore. Currently that priority is a critical essay of a radio play I co-wrote and produced for my course. The due date is in a week, so I’ve plenty of time to write 1,500 words…right?

So here I am. The same place I’ve been for nearly six months now. University. That “Giant” leap I was terrified to take has actually turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Now that I’m nearing the end of my first year (Boy has that gone fast!!) I feel it’s time to share with you my experience.

This year (That has not been an actual year) has been full of so many new experiences. I moved into a flat full of perfect strangers, of which are now three of my closest friends. I’ve met people who inspire me daily. Studying in London means that not only do I meet people from across this country but from all over the world. Italy, Norway, Portugal are but a few.

I’ve made friends, memories and mistakes but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am not the girl I used to be. Every day is moulding me into the future I want to become. Every person I meet teaches me things about myself and the world.

It’s been a steep learning curve moving out. Becoming self sufficient. Managing a budget. Laundry, cooking, organising myself. All of which I took for granted when it was my mum doing it all, but I’m so lucky to be living this life. I love my life. I love the city. I love caring for myself and standing up on my own two feet knowing that every day I get up and go about my life, I’m in control, I’m doing it by myself. All with a strong network of family and friends backing me yes, but its me.

Smile…It wont hurt you. 🙂



After the Credits

I returned to the place we shared our first date.

After all this time, it is not you that I hate.

I strolled along that picturesque bridge

And stared into the distance to the ridge.

I returned to the place you stole a kiss.

I’ll admit that is something I dearly miss.

I’d say it was the wind that brought tears to my eyes

But to you, my dear I could tell no lies.

I returned to this place to find my closure

The memories fill me, alas I’m no closer.

I know that it’s over, I need to move on.

My heart longs to hold you but you are long gone.

Creative procrastination

This appears to be my first post of this year so for starters

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ( slightly late I’m aware 😉 )

I once again have no inspiration for what this will contain so hold on for the roller coaster ride!

I am currently sat at college, procrastinating when there is so much work that I could be doing.

Have you ever had those dreams where you’re running. Running like crazy, trying to get away from whatever ghoul is chasing after you but no matter how hard you try you never get anywhere. Or you do move but its at a ridiculously slow pace and you know for certain that you’re not going to escape it. Well that how I feel right now in life. I know there’s all of these things I could and should be doing but rather than just doing them I put them off. I revise for hours but at the end I cant remember any of it. I try to be productive/proactive and find a new job but I just get turned down time and time again. Trust me now I know how Mary and Joseph must have felt.

Despite all of that, I know this is only temporary. This feeling like many others I’ve experienced will pass and life will get back to ‘Normal’ again.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂