Logan Reveiw

Logan 1

If you enjoy dull, tiresome love-stories then I am sorry but this is not the film
for you. If, however, you’re an individual who is looking for a two and a half hour, adren
aline induced action movie, that still manages to pack in the same amount of emotion, then stop what you’re doing, grab your coat and head to the cinema to see ‘Logan’.

20th Century Fox are back at it again with their tenth instalment in the beloved ‘X-Men’ series. ‘Logan’ is said to be the third and final chapter in the ‘Wolverine’ saga and boy does it leave us wanting more.

A Brief Synopsis

Our journey begins by throwing us directly into the centre of the action as we re-join our ‘hero’ and title character Logan, being harassed by average thugs. Good ol’ Wolvie handles the situation in his usual anger-fuelled massacre style, leaving the audience pumped and prepared for a movie that follows suit with much the same pace.

The Good and The Bad

Now, I’ll say it right off the bat, full disclosure, I liked this film. I am a fan of the franchise and have been waiting eagerly since the first trailer was revealed in October last year.

However, the theatrical release trailer, for all intents and purposes may as well have been a short mini-film. After seeing the whole movie, I can confidently say it does not leave much to the imagination. They put all of the juicy, action sequences into that two-minute clip and I was disappointed when scenes that I thought (from the trailer) would be pivotal moments, were nothing more than fillers between the action.

Now action is one of the things this movie does very well; unsurprisingly considering its genre. The director (James Mangold) has managed to strike a satisfying balance between gritty-sometimes hard to watch scenes and heartfelt interactions between the characters. Jackman and Stewart’s characters have a beautiful yet reluctant (On Hugh’s side) relationship that is indescribably rewarding to witness. The dynamic of two, well past their prime, heroes struggling through everyday life is both touching and one of the most tragic things I’ve seen this year. This film really poses the question, what happens to superheroes when they get too old to save anyone? – even themselves.

So, what’s the plot?

The movie takes place in this universe’s year 2029, with Logan and Caliban hiding out on the border of Mexico with a senile, Professor Xavier.  For those who are not familiar with the Mutants, each character has his/her own individual ‘Gifts’. Wolverine, has blades grafted to his skeleton, that can emerge from between his knuckles. Caliban, an albino, has a gift for tracking and detecting other mutants. Professor X, once a brilliant mind and headmaster of his own school for mutant children, being a telepath; has the ability to read and manipulate people’s minds. The sub-plot of the film is that Xavier has developed Alzheimer’s disease and is struggling with spontaneous seizures. This is extremely hazardous for not only those around him but for the entire world. His gift is the most powerful and during these episodes they result in the paralysis of those around him.

The main story begins with the introduction of Laura. Actress Dafne Keen, gives an outstanding performance. Her lack of dialogue (Due to the language barrier) only adds to her portrayal of her character, rather than limiting it. Through the comedic timing of her actions and fLogan 2acial expressions, she really makes you feel for her and by the end of the film you’re rooting for her survival.  In a time where new mutants are rare, Laura is a shock to our protagonist. It is Logan’s task to deliver her to the safety of ‘Eden’, a sanctuary for all mutants alike.

What Geniuses Created This?

The script was a collaborative effort between James Mangold, Scott Frank and Michael Green. The three writers have created and executed characters that although at first seem dislikeable, over time your heart softens as you develop a deeper understanding and connection with these people. Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or have only recently discovered the story, pivotal moments have the ability to leave your chest aching and your eyes damp.

A Warning for The Kids

The age rating for this film is appropriately 15. “Strong bloody violence, strong language” is more than correct with Jackman swearing in what seems to be every other line. This film is definitely not suitable for anyone under 15, If I wasn’t such a fan of gore, I, at 19 years of age, would be disturbed. Viewer discretion is highly advised. But, if you’re not easily offended by swearing and you’re not scarred by Tarantino-esque, levels of fake blood then you’re safe to watch this film.

Should I see this film?

Considering all of this, I still feel like this film is missing something as yet unidentified. Maybe it was the ending that left us wanting more, or possibly the omission of an after credits scene that cemented the finality of Wolverines story. Whatever it may be, I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.

If you still can’t decide you can watch the trailer here:


After the Credits

I returned to the place we shared our first date.

After all this time, it is not you that I hate.

I strolled along that picturesque bridge

And stared into the distance to the ridge.

I returned to the place you stole a kiss.

I’ll admit that is something I dearly miss.

I’d say it was the wind that brought tears to my eyes

But to you, my dear I could tell no lies.

I returned to this place to find my closure

The memories fill me, alas I’m no closer.

I know that it’s over, I need to move on.

My heart longs to hold you but you are long gone.

The Final Night

18 years of junk-or as much as would fit into limited boxes-has been piled into the family car. I finally finished packing as the car was being loaded.

Tonight is my final night in my family home. As I type this my NSBFBF, or as I see her now, my sister is in the shower and I’m sprawled on what has became her bed. It’s funny how life changes. How relationships change. How people change.

In so many ways I think I’m nothing like the little girl I used to be. I’d like to think I’ve matured and grown into a better version of myself. In reality I’m still that scared little girl, afraid of the next chapter of her life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thoroughly excited to begin the next chapter in this story called ‘My Life’ .  Truly I am. But when I step out of this house tomorrow, everything changes. I can’t even play the part of child or girl again. As much as my numerical age depicts that I am a woman, I don’t think I’ll actually feel it until I leave.

Woman…Adult. Such frightening nouns. How an it be that a simple string of letters makes me feel afraid? I do not wish to grow up. As much as I crave freedom and independence, surely life is so much simpler in the comfort of our own home?

I hope I like my new home. I hope I get along with my new neighbours. I hope I don’t lose this incredible friendship I have built with my best friend. I can’t bare to leave her, yet I must. How the heck am I going to survive without her? She is my rock. She is my own personal jester. No one I have ever met truly understands me like she does. And I don’t think they ever can, could or will.



I do not want to pack. I don’t want to accept that I’m moving. I don’t want to come to the realisation that I’m leaving behind my best friend. I don’t want to leave my parents. I don’t want to leave  my dog.

As much as I say I want to get out of this town, when compared to the big scary world, this little bubble is safe.

And so I am sat here. In a room that will soon no longer be mine. Writing this to procrastinate and block out the fact that those boxes are not going to pack themselves. Oh how I wish it was as simple as clicking my fingers. I wish I could wave my magic wand and everything will be done without too much thought. Thinking is the problem. Anything can be done easily when you refuse to think about it.

Put the thought from your mind and pack.

*Insert crying emoji*

(Must end positively -.-)

Smile…it wont hurt you.

One Week.

One week today I shall be moving out of my family home. One week. That’s seven days. 168 hours… Less than that now.

And guess what? Boxes lay on my bedroom floor. Empty boxes. No I have not finished packing. Of course, I haven’t even started! Whether it’s the procrastinator in me or the fear of leaving home stopping me, I’m not quite sure.

But I do need to pack. Because no matter how much I try to ignore it the plain and simple truth is that this time next week, all (Most) of my belongings shall be in an entirely new location. Heck by this time they may even be unpacked into my new room. Geez now that is scary. Shipped 1 hour and 43 minutes away from here. Away from this house that, after being here for 7 years, has become home.

Now moving out for anyone is a daunting experience, no doubt about that. If I was moving out to live alone maybe I would feel better. That would be manageable. But I most definitely will not be alone. I am being plunged into a building, riddled with countless perfect strangers. For I am not the only person for whom Monday the 19th of September will be a memorable day for. Hundreds of students and parents lives will alter, never to be quite the same again. In the same way that a broken mug that has been super-glued together again is never quite the same. Something, an intangible something, shifts ever so slightly. You can’t put your finger on what has changed, but everything feels different.

Children who are no longer children are left to fend for themselves for the first time, leaving nests empty. Thinking about it. It is the parents I feel the most pity for. They will return to their homes that are so familiar to them, just for everything to be different. Whether their child’s presence was a passive one or if they were the heart of the home. That home that parents spend 18 years building is torn. Now they have to learn to create a new family dynamic. Of course if younger siblings are left at home then the parents role continues. The gap is still there but a distraction is in place. However, for parents with only children or if it is their youngest child fleeing the nest, then that is when the tragedy occurs. What do the home-makers, the stay at home mums and dads do with all of their spare time? Sure they still have to care for themselves. They still have their daily deeds to complete. I imagine it is surprising the void that can be created by the lack of an extra mouth to feed. One less set of clothes to wash, person to speak to. Of course in today’s day and age communication is at an all time high. Never before has staying in contact been this simple. At the touch of a button conversations can be held face to face. (Or rather face to screen) The efficiency at which information can be transferred is incredible. Although I do fear for these parents, that their children having their taste for freedom and independence will become ‘too busy’ to touch base with them half as often as they should. I hope I am wrong. I have a feeling I am correct.

I pledge to disprove this theory. But I am young, flawed and terribly human. Forgive me in advance.

What an awfully big adventure these next three years shall be. I hope against hope that it lives up to my every expectation. Sadly in life, things rarely do.

Through it all I shall remember to smile…It wont hurt me. 🙂


My Future.

My future is uncertain.

Which is a funny thing to type as it seems obvious. Of course everyone’s futures are uncertain…aren’t they?

Well I used to believe that my life was leading me down a very specific path with an idea of exactly where i’d be in three years time. Now…I’m not so sure. Let me explain.

Thursday 18th august-Results day.

The day I had been alternately hoping for and dreading through this entire summer since my exams ended. The day that I would find out my fate. (Sounds dramatic I know, but it’s true.)

Way back in October last year I had applied for university to study either veterinary medicine or nursing. My application for medicine was declined by two unis. One university declined me for nursing too. I was beginning to lose hope when I was offered an interview to study Veterinary nursing. I went, it went great and finally I had my first and only offer. It was a conditional offer where by I had to complete two weeks work experience and gain A-Levels with a B in biology and two C’s.

Now when the day came I was apprehensive at best. Nerves and anxiety filled me. Waiting for my friend to pick me up so that we could collect out results together, I made a terrible decision. I checked UCAS for my fate. I hadn’t gotten in to my course. Which means that I hadn’t gotten the grades. A million things rushed through my head. I was gutted. Ashamed. Scared.Worried. And more but you get the point. I cried. A lot that day. I collected my results and it turns out that I got a B in English and a C in biology. Unfortunately I failed to get a grade in chemistry and got a U. So that explained the lack of uni place.

After many, many tears I eventually found a course that I wanted to study.

So I am now writing this to tell you come September I will not only be moving out and going to university but I will be studying Creative writing and Journalism at my original uni.

Now I began this post by stating that my future is uncertain. Which is certainly true. I always imagined my future doing a career based around animals. But now I truly believe everything happens for a reason and this is what was meant to be.

I am equal parts excited and terrified but it shall be an awfully big adventure. What should be, shall be.

Smile…It wont hurt you 🙂


A letter to myself-2016

Dear You,

So 2016 is here and its the year you’ve been dreaming of your entire life, because this year you (hopefully) go to university. Ever since you can remember all you’ve ever wanted to do in life is be a veterinarian.  Now we both know ideals have changed along the way and finally you understand what everybody meant when they warned:

“Vet?! You’ll have to work really hard to do that!”

This may be the most stressful time of your life so far but remember what a wise woman wrote to you:

“The harder the struggle, the more glorious the victory”

Keep this in mind as you go through the days. I’m so proud of you because you’ve made it this far. Gosh knows there were times you doubted that you could go on but you have through it all. No matter what you tell yourself sometimes, you are a strong person. You’ve just got to hang on in there a little longer.

This year you have goals to stick to so:


  1. Write up notes DAILY.
  2. Stay behind at least 2 nights a week.
  3. Revise thoroughly.
  4. Revise for your chemistry retake.


  1. Try not to get too stressed. Yes its inevitable but breathe and remind yourself that this too shall pass.
  2. Vivet! Live for the moment. Once a moment is gone…its gone!
  3. Learn to love your whole self. In life the only person that will definitely be there until the end is you! When everyone else is gone it’s you there with your head. Try to get along 😉
  4. Smile and laugh everyday. Whether its a cheesy joke, friends or a cute picture, try to smile everyday because it definitely will not hurt you.
  5. Help your mother more silly. She does so much for you and you don’t want to look back and regret. In the end you’re going to regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.


  1. For goodness sake MOVE ON from him. He has a girlfriend and is almost certainly never going to be yours.
  2. In fact just forget about love. You are so young and have the rest of your life to find someone and settle down. You don’t have to rush or worry about things that are out of your control. Focus on the things you can do something about.
  3. Finally focus on the amazing people who are already in your life! There are so many crazy awesome people that care for you so care for them more proactive-ly too!

Now don’t freak at this list of “resolutions” You have 12 months to master them. If they aren’t completed in that time then at least you’ve got the next 12 moths after that…and the ones after that until you die. This isn’t changing you its growing as a person. Growth never ends and there’s always room for improvement so never quit trying to be your best.

Smile…It wont hurt you. 🙂