Day 25-30

So this will finally be finished!

Day 25-

Someone who fascinates you and why?

Hmm this is a tricky one. When I first saw this I had a person in mind, so I guess I’ll just write about him. The person that fascinates me is a guy in my Physics class. He sits by himself, completely separated from the rest of the class. I guess he’s your typical teen but he hasn’t yet grew out of that awkward middle stage where you find yourself. He has messy hair and bad acne. I’m not too sure what it is about him that fascinates me but I always find myself wondering who he is. I wonder if the rest of the world drifts past him, not even recognising his existence. If this is the case then it makes me awfully sad. I have never spoken to this boy and in fact I couldn’t even tell you his name. Sometimes I see him at breaks and he’s alone and I wonder if he even has friends but other times I see him smiling and laughing with a small group of guys. I hope he is happy.

Day 26-

What kind of person attracts you?

Lets be superficial and discuss looks. So I find guys attractive if:

  1. He is taller than me (Not that hard when I’m an average 5ft 5″)
  2. He has good hair?…okay okay lets be honest, Brown hair that isn’t too long but he definitely has to have hair. Bald guys kinda creep me out.
  3. Minimal facial hair, none would be preferable but it depends on the guy. Some men look very attractive with facial hair but the balance is key. Lets be serious only Santa Clause can rock the full on beard 😉
  4. Nice eyes. Colour doesn’t really matter but when I was little I used to dream about marrying a guy with brown hair and brown eyes, so if you fit that description I would almost definitely give you a second look 😉
  5. Cute smile. The guy I have a crush on now has the most infections smile I have ever seen, if you see him smile you automatically find yourself smiling back which I really like 🙂

On a moral scale, I find a guy attractive if:

  1. He’s friendly.
  2. Chatty/bubbly. I’m painfully shy at times and it would be nice for someone to beable to keep a conversation going.
  3. Controversially, shy. Shy guys are cute because aww…yep literally just thinking of the guy I’m crushing on again. :3
  4. Intellectual. The guy has to be intelligent on some level. I’d love so much to be able to have thoughtful conversations that are actually meaningful.
  5. Funny. If a guys can make me laugh then he is 10000000000x more attractive!

Day 27-

A problem you have ever had.

Weeell this is quite general. Umm I guess I was bullied in primary school. Her name was Emily and she was best friends with my best friend. So she was pretty inescapable. She was pretty, popular and all of the guys wanted her. I have her an Facebook now and she is still all of those things. The bullying stopped when my big sister told her big sister. Thank you sister you rock for that! I still don’t like Emily to this day, she’s still horrible but since I moved I never see her any more.

Day 28-

Something that you miss.

You know the best friend I mentioned above? I miss her like crazy! We were childhood best friends from play school to high school (age 3/4-12) I also mentioned that I moved. That was five years ago and in them five years I’ve only see her once or twice. I send her birthday cards each year and we speak occasionally over messages. I’m hoping in the future, once I can drive, I’ll be able to go and see her more often. When we do see each other it’s as if I never moved, which is great. I think that how you know its true friendship. 🙂

Day 29-

Goals for the next 30 days.

  • Revise for mock exams coming up in december. Eeeek!
  • Practce yoga daily! Come on dude just do it!
  • Daily meditation again because it really does help me.
  • Hurry up and get up the nerve to talk to him already!!!

Day 30!-

Your highs and lows of this month.


  1. Catching up with my childhood bestfriend.
  2. Having hilarious times with my current friend.
  3. Going to see EofE (will blog about next)
  4. Going to see Ed Sheeran!!
  5. Going to Alton Towers!
  6. My Birthday!!


  1. I think I’ve lost my guy bestfriend. 😦
  2. The other day I stapled my thumb.
  3. I fell over twice on my birthday.