Emotional Sale

What am I to do with all these emotions? I wish there was a garage sale, a car boot where you could go and sell your feelings. £1.99 for a handful of frustration. £2 for a glimpse of my fragile heart. For £5 I’ll let you cradle it in your palms. But baby hold it gently. If you can hurt it this bad without seeing it, I’m afraid in your hands I’d be crushed. Crushed under the weight of your grief. Your regret. Your own self-hatred, low self-esteem, doubt, worry. Crushed under all the brokenness of you. And there I’ll lay. Dust at your feet. And you’ll tread on me, like you crunch the leaves of autumn. Walking off at your quick pace. Where are you always running to anyway. Why are you in such a rush to get anywhere but here?



So my bestfriend has decided to start blogging…im so proud of her, would mean a lot to me if you could check it out 🙂


Life. It’s weird, it’s fun, exciting and sometimes can be blatantly rubbish. But still, we always crave more of it. More time to do work, homework, spend time with friends. All great things but sometimes I wonder how it came about? The little things that mean the most, why do they? (Mean the most that is). Why are we all different? Why do some of us prefer an active life over a sedentary one or visa versa? Why do some people like peanut butter and others dont? However, if or you sit here thinking why? We’ll never get anywhere, will we? (Rhetorical question;) ).
Anyway, a little thought for you all to ponder: why do we always think why?

Blogger 1 (and Yes I’ve still not got round to thinking of a more intellectual name)

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The cube.

Clear your head of all thoughts, now imagine in your head a desert. Imagine what it would look like. Now place a cube in that desert, anywhere you like and the cube can be any type of cube at all. Now to this random picture add a ladder and think how the ladder looks in relation to the cube and how they are interacting. If you thought this was weird now imagine a horse in the desert, place it once again anywhere you want. Now there is a storm, where about’s in the picture is it? And finally if you want add flowers, any type, wherever you want.

Stop imagining

Okay so this was a ‘mental exercise’ the different things are supposed to represent different things in our life.
the cube: is you or rather how you see yourself.
the ladder: is your friends.
the horse: is your crush/partner/significant other.
the storm: is conflict in your life.
And finally,
the flowers: are children, represents how you see children/ how many you would like.

I know this is kinda childish but hey ho I thought it would be fun if you guys comment with your pictures and I could try to analyse them and tell you what it means. Smile…it won’t hurt you! 🙂