Time ticks on

Wow… Just realised that I’ve been reading for three hours straight. I didn’t even realise. That’s my problem. ( one of many) I get side tracked, like when I’m reading I get sucked into a parallel universe where it’s just me and the characters in the book. Geeky right? but I am a geek, but I wouldn’t change for anyone. Just incase your wondering I’m not a greasy, spotty teenager with braces and glasses. ( actually I do have braces…and wear glasses sometimes) but I’m quite normal…well I can’t lie there I’m not normal at all but I’m rambling. My point is ( wow I say this a lot) don’t let your time tick away. Life is too short for a lot of things, so don’t sit at your computer for hours on end staring at nothing, go outside! even if it’s raining, a walk in the rain is so relaxing…or is it just me? Smile…it won’t hurt you. 🙂


The lucky ones

Hey guys (and girls) today I was in class talking to my friend, she was really sad. Which was kinda annoying:/ that sounds harsh but dont judge me yet. I was in a really good mood and quite happy so her being sad/ angry made me sad too. But the thing’s she was sad about was little things. I know you must be thinking that something’s don’t seem important to some people but they are to others. Yeah that’s true but I said to her ” look it’s not worth it, just think there’s someone out there that’s a lot worse off than you.” and to this she replied by going crazy at me an saying ” you have no idea what it’s like! ” okay…side note, there’s things about me and my past that only a handful of people know, she has no idea how hard it is for some. So I retaliated and told her how I really do and her life actually really good. But my point is no matter how sad an down you are, there is always going to be someone that is going through a hard time but through it all keeps a smile on their face. Next time you feel sad please remember this.

Wow that was kinda depressing but I had to get it off my chest. Smile…I promise it won’t hurt you. 🙂

I love…

Hmmm in a really good mood right now so I thought that I would make a list ( I do kinda like lists) of things that I love. But I just realised how long that list would be. Okay so maybe a top 10. These are thing that have just popped into my head, in no particular order:

10. Food, any and all.
9. YouTube, I really am addicted, I have to go on everyday without fail
8. Movies, my favourites are any Disney movie and daddy day care :’)
7. Books, I’m a total geek when it comes to reading. I always have a book/ my kindle in my hands.
6. Animals, pretty much all apart from spiders…phobia:/ but I wanna be a vet.
5. Music, I can’t go a day without music, I love Taylor swift, ed sheeran and mallory Knox…weird combination.
4. Pick-up trucks, yes it’s weird like me but I have an obsession with them, I really want one!
3. Rain and snow, I just think it adds to the beauty of the world.
2. My family and my friends, I wouldn’t be anything without them.
1. My life in general 🙂

So there a few little facts that let you see a little clearer into the muddy waters of my head. 🙂 thank you for reading this 🙂 and smile…it won’t hurt you 🙂

Crush #2

Hey so I used to write letters whenever my feelings got too much.I’d write dear (insert name of a person I didn’t like/ I was annoyed with), I just wanted to say…( and I’d write everything that I wanted to say to them) from (my name) but now I have this blog so I guess I can share my feelings with you guys.

I bet if you are reading this now then at one point in your life you would have experienced the feeling I have now. That feeling is the one that you get when you like someone and you are 100% positive that they will never in a million years feel the same way. yeah I like a guy. ( big shocker, I’m a teenage girl 😉 ) buy he is way way way way out of my league. He is amazing in every single possible way. He’s attractive ( extremely hot) he can sing and play guitar, he’s funny, kind, great to go to if you have any problems at all. But he will never be mine. He’d never see me like that.Ever. Yeah that upsets me because I really would love for us to be a thing/ have a thing…whatever way you want to put it, I want us to be together but we never will. There my little rant on valentines day about how lonely I am. Im still smiling though because I believe that everything happens for a reason. Don’t forget to smile…it won’t hurt you and you never know what is around the corner. 🙂 happy valentines day all.