Click.Breathe.Write.-Procrastination edition

Thin streams of sunlight filtered down through the canopy. It was mid may and as you’d expect, it was hot. Not warm, hot. The sickly heat clung to you like an unrelenting toddler. Refusing to give you a minutes peace.

Here though, Joy could relax. The shade from the ancient oak gave her sanctuary. A brief escape, before she had to return to her classes. Opening her eyes she had to blink rapidly to remove the dancing spots from her vision. The lush green campus stretched out around her with the language department on her right, the cafeteria directly behind her and her halls of residence to her left.

Dean she thought lazily. They had been together all but three weeks and it was evident that the honeymoon period was still in full swing. Where is he? She mused, He should be here by now. Every Tuesday third period between English and lunch, they would meet to go over their assignments and grab a quick hazelnut latte at their favourite café “Give me Coffee!” It wasn’t a large-scale corporate business but it was special to them.




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